This year, NON + is celebrating its tenth anniversary. On the occasion of the anniversary with a limited number of birthday capsule collections the brand's offer has expanded. We talked to Kiss Saci, the founding designer of NON +, about the changes and permanence of the last ten years.

- Less is more - this is the motto of NON +. What this means for you as a designer and how this perception is implemented in other areas of your life

- For me, the point in the planning process is the person himself. This is true of fashion design, but I have also professed this principle in my previous graphic, decorative and interior design work. In the case of the environment and fashion, the purity of the dress draws attention to the person, which is why no decoration is necessary for the essence, ie the personality, to prevail in its purest reality, puritanical, imperfect perfection. For me, there is nothing more important than the perfection of simplicity, everything else is just good to distract from the essence, pure honesty, and the self. I represent this spirituality in all areas of my life and I would like to convey this to my environment as well. The messages on the clothes also serve and reinforce this goal.

- The most typical material of NON + pieces is cotton. Why did you choose this material?

- For NON + clothes, comfort and maximum comfort are very important, which is ensured by the naturally designed raw material in addition to the well-designed tailoring lines. If we tense in a pretty but uncomfortable piece, we will feel bad and we can’t really be ourselves, our true selves can’t prevail. The pieces made of cotton material can be just as sporty as they are elegant and extravagant, in which we can feel good all day long. This is also evidenced by the ten years of successful operation of the brand.

- The brand is also characterized by a kind of long-term thinking. How are the slow fashion guidelines implemented for NON + collections?

- NON + styles are never planned for one season, but for the long term. This is why high-quality raw materials and workmanship are important, which allows the pieces to be worn for many years and, due to their simplicity, to be well combined with other designer pieces. It is important to me that our products should be born in local production, thus we also support the domestic textile industry.

 - What do you think can make a brand credible?

- In addition to the aspects listed earlier, I think that conscious planning, self-identity and a restrained, modest - not loud and intrusive - attitude can be exemplary. The more principles of less are therefore important in behavior, speech action, and in terms of lifestyle as a whole, and thus become credible.

- You regularly collaborate with domestic designers in various fields. For the jubilee collection, for example, Judit Szolnoki-Szendrődi, a Malinovka designer created custom graphics. How was the collaboration born?

- Collaborative projects play a key role in the life of NON +. I believe that the added values prevail exponentially together. As a child of artistic parents, experiencing the freedom of creation, emphasizing artistic value, and elevating it to everyday life is very important to me. With the development of the brand, we reach more and more people, which provides a great opportunity for the work of the Hungarian artists we appreciate to reach more and more people. This is not our first collaboration with Judit, we are happy to work together because we share basically the same principles in many other areas of planning and life. For the ten-year collection we got a clean, characterful visual concept from Judit that fits perfectly with the style of NON +. In addition to the labels and price tags, the graphic was also placed on our limited number of canvas bags.

- Are you preparing for a special event for your birthday?

- The birthday collection is also available in the NON + webshop and NON + Showroom from Thursday. On this occasion, the Showroom awaits those interested with a 3-day opening, prosecco and a lot of love.


Photo: Kiss Lenke 'Dalocska'
Model: Farkas Laura
Makeup, hair: Agnes Pataky Makeup artist