On the 5th of each month, we present another limited edition style, which we make for you from some extra material or color, this is the PRODUCT OF THE MONTH!

In view of the huge success of our floral BIO cotton collection, the PRODUCT OF THE MONTH OF JULY is boasting another floral pattern! THE PRODUCT OF THE MONTH is only available this month and only for the limited stock, so it's a good idea to hit it quickly so you don't miss out!

THE PRODUCT OF THE MONTH OF JULY is one of our most popular basic pieces, the short-sleeved knee-length knit dress, which is an indispensable piece of your wardrobe for everyday use. This time the tight dress was made of brightly colored floral patterned BIO cotton.

BIO cotton is an absolutely natural raw material - organic cotton is also grown and processed without toxic chemicals, so it remains free of synthetic materials.

Designer: Kiss Sarolta

Photo: Kiss Lenke Dalocska
Model: Volkov Patrícia - Visage Models
Makeup: Ágnes Pataky
Hair: Camp Kyra