On the 5th of each month, we present a special, limited-edition style, which we named the PRODUCT OF THE MONTH. 

THE PRODUCT OF THE MONTH every time we choose an exciting, popular model, which is made in some special color or extra material in a limited number of pieces. 

In September product of the month a real whimsical and practical everyday autumn style! The seated pants are wider at the top, dropped seated, tapering down the leg, comfortable to wear. It closes at the waist with a belt made of fabric. Due to the great flexibility of our green terrain patterned viscose material, it provides a really comfortable feeling - you are guaranteed to feel good in it all day long!

The product of the month is again available only this month until the limited stock is available in our webshop and NON + Showroom, where we look forward to seeing you next time on Thursday, Friday, Friday and Saturday from September 11-11 to 11:00!