From our spring collection, this time Petra Hoffmann has chosen her favorite styles. We have been working with Petra on NON + communication tasks for more than a year, he also runs his own design shop and is constantly working on new ideas. We talked about working together and the road so far.

- What do you do, how would you introduce yourself?

- I graduated from MOME with a degree in design theory, I feel that my profession is related to design. I founded 10 years ago Stilblogot, is now one of the best - known design - themed online magazines, in connection with which we regularly organized fairs and various events, talks and presentations in previous years. We opened a year and a half ago Style shop in the Whale, where we offer small series of handmade products by domestic designers. I also deal with design communication: we have been working with NON + for a year and a half. It was developed in such a way that I am motivated by new ideas and their implementation, so in addition to the constant tasks, new projects are constantly appearing, which always hide exciting challenges and allow me to explore new areas.


- What do you like most about your job?

“It is precisely this diversity, variety, and the immense freedom that this kind of independence means. Continuous improvement is very important to me. New challenges make it possible to discover new areas and meet new people. Every day I learn something new about situations, people and, of course, myself. It is important to me to act according to my own rules. My dad says I’m self-righteous, he’s probably right, but that’s why I became one - I imagine I know what’s best for me and that’s the way it is in professional matters. It’s a good pumpkin, for example, that I don’t have a boss, i.e. I’m an employee of my own, which can be pretty tough because since I don’t have a workday of 8 hours, but in return I can always make myself free for half a day.

- How did you get in touch with NON +?

"It's an old story, dating back about ten years." At that time a Mobili Mania in furniture studio I worked, and Saci also undertook interior design work, so he came to us a lot to choose furniture and accessories. He immediately became very sympathetic to his determined professionalism, his stylish performance, I saw this kind of independence as terribly cool as he worked. We have talked a lot with Saci over the last few years and to this day I can recall from her sentences and inspirational thoughts that encouraged me to find my own way, deal with my own business, be brave and believe that it will work. It is thanks in large part to these conversations that I finally dared to step in and dare to embark on the realization of my own plans, which otherwise required tremendous courage. I practically followed the life of the brand from the very beginning and Saci’s dedicated sense of purpose was always amazingly motivating for me. This is not the first time we have worked together in recent years, but I feel that the real micro-environment of the brand has now developed, somehow things have come together so that I can find my place in it perfectly and I hope that the result of my work is also becoming more spectacular.

- How would you describe your own style?

“It happened about ten years ago that shades of gray began to catch my eye. It’s not the result of a conscious decision at all, it just turned out that way, I even have a moment of recognition as I go into a clothing store in Brixton and head out without thinking in the direction of the gray colors. I accepted this thing, it has been since, all my clothes are gray, black and white, 80% of it is NON + - haha! But really! It’s like Saci is designing these pieces for me, he always hits so much that I feel good about it. The principle of less is also a basic value for me, and it applies not only to dressing, but I think it applies to most areas of my life: I am not interested in unnecessary decorations and gestures, but I like to see the essence as clearly as possible, which of course is not on the surface. Last Christmas, I received a perfect quote from Saci about this: "Good design is striking, perfect design is invisible."  It is in this spirit that I try to remain invisible to the best of my ability.

Photo: Kiss Lenke 'Dalocska'
Makeup, hair: Agnes Pataky Makeup artist