DESIGN + in our collection we offer accessories that match the look and function of NON + with the motto, which, like our clothes, follow the principle of Less is more.
Our DESIGN + collection has now been expanded with exciting new products - a make-up made in collaboration with the PUCC brand, a bedding set and a special, real Budapest bottle!

We try to make our operation more sustainable and environmentally conscious by using our waste materials created during production and at the same time to make NON + customers happy with our lovely objects! 
THE PUCC Sweetwear Makik was made from tailoring remains made in collaboration with its designer, Zsuzsi Heim. The five different characters are available in five different sizes and five colors, so everyone from the smallest to the largest can find a soft, embracing favorite of them!

We are passionate about our high quality cotton material, from which we have been making models from our BASIC collection for more than ten years now.
Our cotton futter material is the thickest cotton we work with, it has the most hold. The outside is smooth, the inside is made of crocheted fibers, it is flexible, durable, an excellent color-retaining material and does not fluff at all! Perfectly fits the most comfortable and elegant bedding preparation too!

THE Phil bottle not only is it special and comfortable in terms of its design, but it includes a detailed list of Budapest's public wells, thus encouraging design-sensitive environmentally conscious water drinkers to use water more sustainably. Thanks to the flat format of the 500 ml PETG bottle, it fits comfortably in smaller bags as well.  
The PETG bottle does not contain BPA, i.e. bisphenol, an industrial chemical. 
100% degradable plastic.

Photo: Kiss Lenke 'Dalocska'

Model: Farkas Laura