The first impression is always decisive. The unified brand image and consistent visual brand communication radiate professionalism and testify to demandingness. This makes it special DRESSCODE uniform collection representing the individual vision of the NON + brand in the field of uniforms: the sportyly elegant, universal pieces with clean cut lines representing a consistent style world, they emphasize the character of your brand with the creative tools of unique fashion design. 

DRESSCODE collections are made of the highest quality cotton raw materials in domestic sewing shops by hand. Pieces to suit individual needs can be customized using a number of different technologies, and the uniform collection can be ordered in a wide range of sizes. 

From the DRESSCODE uniform collection, we compile custom-made sets to match the image of your brand, which can be embroidered on demand or with a logo using various printing methods. The DRESSCODE 42 counter can be ordered in 42 different colors, so we offer more than 1,700 variations for your company to put together a special, unique uniform collection. 

We work with the highest quality 210 gram cotton material, which ensures comfortable, comfortable wear due to its flexible, medium-thickness, soft-touch, matte effect properties. Easy-to-handle, durable, color-retaining fabric that doesn't fluff, giving it an elegant, stylish look in the long run. Material composition: 95% cotton and 5% elastane.

DRESSCODE offers a stylish and unique look in the following segments:

  • hospitality
  • wellness and hotel industry
  • beauty and cosmetics industry
  • medical and healthcare services
  • hostess services
  • events, sports and leisure activities

DRESSCODE uniforms are tailored to your company's image based on individual needs. During the design process, during a personal consultation, we help you choose the ideal styles for your company's profile, the color scheme that suits your image, we present the optimal technological solutions (embroidery, screen printing, inscription) to place your logo so that uniforms convey your brand's message. 

For detailed information and our personalized prices, please contact us at one of the following contacts:

Tel: 06 30 253 0193