We have been present in the domestic fashion brand market with unbroken success for almost ten years. Last spring the brand it has reached a decisive milestone: we have embarked on a much more conscious journey in the construction of collections, in the use of materials, as well as in the image elements and the functioning of everyday work processes. As a result, it was created as a single physical business Our showroom on Andrássy út and part of this process was to strengthen our online market presence, build our more active and conscious social media communication, and create our renewed website. 

All pieces of NON + are characterized by elegant, refined minimalism, comfortable basic character, and the attitude that instead of following the current fashion trends, the unchanged, unique, whimsical style of the brand gives the basic character. Each collection has a specific slogan, a personal thought, which marks each stop on the inner journey of the brand’s designer, Sarolta Kiss.

We have been working on renewing the brand for two years, improving the new operating model. This is the process it involves a number of changes, difficult and sometimes painful decisions that are essential for conscious branding. However, the laborious work is bearing fruit and we can see that we are clearly moving in the right direction. Inspired by this process and of course the spring momentum, we chose the slogan Let’s go as the motto of the 2018 Spring-Summer collection. The motto is also important because customers can identify with it, as they are also characterized by basic awareness, which is why they choose NON + from time to time.

In terms of collections, the novelty of last year is that the seasonal collection and the BASIC line of the brand have been separated, which is even more separate from this spring season. Previously, the 2-300 models were available in the webshop, which were manufactured to individual orders. However, this amount has slowly become unmanageable, so last spring we reduced the BASIC collection to 105 basic styles, which are made from black, white, gray and red cotton. 

In the case of seasonal pieces, new colors and material types, special styles and special tailors will always appear, which will be supplemented with pieces from the BASIC collection that match the seasonal color palette. We offer these products season-by-season, from collection to collection in our webshop and in the NON + showroom.