At the beginning of the year Weekly Set, the main role of the blue shades is the main role: light and dark blue styles in the spirit of color therapy! From January 28 to February 3 seven super comfortable and stylish NON + BASIC styles available with a 30% discount!

The weekly set in action is high quality made of cotton COLORED BASIC pieces they march, which are not found in the seasonal collection, but complement it perfectly. Two styles of light blue cotton have been added to the limited collection: one of our most popular tops, the 3-zip hooded sweater made of thicker futur material, and the long-sleeved hooded top made of thinner cotton with an elongated waist.

Our overalls made of thick navy blue are super comfortable and stylish, as are the thinner cotton two-pocket seated pants. Our in-line cotton skirt is one of the most popular of BASIC skirts, thanks to its fold-back waist, its length can be adjusted flexibly.

Of course, there is no Weekly Set without the classic NON + cotton t-shirt, which is now available in dark blue instead of in the mini collection, forming a perfect pair with our front pocket seated pants!

We prepare the Weekly Set styles for pre-order, therefore their delivery time is 15-20 working days! Styles of the discounted mini collection they are only available for 7 days the NON + webshop, so you should hit them as soon as possible!