Our latest spring styles are real evergreen pieces, not only because of their green-black striped cotton futur material, but also because of their universal cut lines and well-combined character. We are sure that your wardrobe will be your favorite for many, many years to come!

There were seven new models plus a surprise EVERGREEN to our collection: this time we chose a green-black striped cotton futter material for the playful, sporty yet stylish style. This is the thickest cotton we work with, it has the most hold. The outer side is smooth and the inner side is made of crocheted fibers. Our cotton futur material is flexible, durable, color fast, does not fluff! 

And the surprise: for the first 50 orders in the collection, we are now giving away a gift that is none other than Greenway Design "Evergreen Wreath" fragrance spray. Evergreen branches: pine, cedar, eucalyptus. These scents sway into your home as you spray the air from a bottle full of aromatic, essential oils. THEz The aroma of "Evergreen Wreath" fills the space with the green scent of our favorite plants. Greenway fragrance spray instantly boosts the mood - just spray a little in the air and you can already enjoy the scent. Use it in any room where you want to get an intense scent quickly! The perfume spray is also a separate product can be ordered from our webshop while stocks last!

EVERGREEN Our collection is available in limited quantities in our webshop and NON + Showroom!

Designer: Kiss Sarolta

Photo: Kiss Lenke Dalocska
Model: Dalma - VM Model
Makeup: Ágnes Pataky
Hair: Camp Kyra