To photograph the summer styles of the NON + Let's go collection, we were looking for a venue that evokes the atmosphere of a self-forgotten summer weekend in every little detail. And what could be more perfect in this respect than Lake Lupa, the shore of Budapest?

That’s why it was a huge pleasure for us that the beach management immediately said yes to the photo shoot and we still think back with a great feeling about the kind hospitality with which we were greeted - we had a great day!

Just 20 minutes from the city center crystal clear water Lake Lupa, The largest continuous beach in Hungary, it has a small capacity: it can accommodate up to 10,000 guests at a time, who in addition to the beach awaits beach volleyball / handball / soccer field, various gastronomic experiences and a white sandy, Caribbean-feeling lake shore. And the sportier can choose from wakeboard, flyboard, sup and water park services.

The beach was ideal for us in every way: its huge floor space offered many varied locations to take photos - we also chose more playful and elegant spots, and the staff at Lake Lupa had no objection to using their super small scooters! And although we didn’t go to the beach, we couldn’t resist the attraction of the lake, and whoever is so light as to go to the beach without a swimsuit is forced to jump into the lake in clothes - that day we could tick it off too!

We hope to return as soon as possible, this time without cameras, makeup, strict schedule, just to indulge in the hospitality of the lake, the comfort of the striped sunbeds and the pampering of special gastronomic delights and strawberry ice cream!

Stay with us, you will not regret it!


Designer: Kiss Sarolta

Photo: Rácmolnár Milan

Model: Örvendi Cintia

Makeup / hair: Ágnes Pataky

Typography - Let's go: Miklós Kiss

Concept: Hoffmann Petra

Location: Lupa lake