The end of the year is approaching in big steps, the holidays and the time of slowdown are coming, when we can concentrate on our loved ones and ourselves for a few days, setting aside the busy year as a whole! In this strange year, in the midst of the tumultuous conditions, this refreshing, loving period is especially important, in which hopefully there will also be space for relaxation and rest! Limited edition Home Sweet Home collection it contains all the super comfortable shapes made of extra soft material, in which we can experience the moments of relaxation in the most comfortable way!

The collection was inspired by childhood memories, the self-forgotten, fun, playful everyday life of winter break and the boundless happy feeling of laughter, all in the safe embrace of the family. Have memorable moments in the family circle, the end-of-year days in the warmth of home - no more important and up-to-date messages now!

THE Home Sweet Home collection we chose the warm and extremely comfortable warmkeeper material, which has a cotton outer surface and a fine soft fur on the inside. The styles of the collection were born in the spirit of stylish tailoring lines and soft, embracing comfort. In addition to the garments, there is also an extra, hooded giant blanket in the collection, which is an essential accessory for the winter days (weeks :) in the crook!

Designer: Kiss Sarolta
Photo: Kiss Lenke Dalocska
Model: Farkas Laura
Makeup / hair: Ágnes Pataky