NON + has come up with a lot of new features in the last year, we talked to Saci about the changes in the life of the brand, new collections and the basic values that define the philosophy of the brand.

- How is the NON + offer structured? With more and more news coming up lately, what’s the reason?

- Over the past year and a half, we’ve found that the fast fashion world is dictating an ever-faster pace: new pieces are released every week, working with constantly updated collections, and even though NON + has never followed this trend, changes in the fashion industry are upon us and it also affects customers. Therefore, we have moved from the production of multi-model and larger collections following the seasons to the presentation of more limited edition collections with fewer models, which provides more variety in design and allows much more room for experimentation with the overall material-form effect. Thanks to this, more of our customers will find the pieces they like from the more diverse offerings.

- What new types of collections do you work with and what is their uniqueness?

Following thorough research and brainstorming, we launched our new collection types in a conscious response to changing consumption habits. Our Weekly Set Promotion was launched last year, in the framework of which we make popular BASIC styles in vivid and pastel colors. The models of the Weekly Set Sale are offered with a 30% discount for one week and are manufactured in pre-order. We created this promotion for our more price-sensitive customers and our regular customers who like more colorful pieces, who can’t wait for their favorite BASIC style to appear in a new color. Our latest series is Product of the Month: every month we present a new, seasonal style, which is made of extra material in some design or pattern and which is only available in that month.

- NON +'s seasonal collections are always characterized by a message that defines the spirit of the collection. How are these born and what do you want to convey?

- In addition to the new mini-collections, of course, the “traditional” spring / summer, autumn / winter collections can also be found in our offer, one of the important features of which, as well as the organizing principle of the collections as a whole, is the motto - to avoid boasting - to advertise the message of the collection on internal labels. These are usually explicitly personal thoughts in the sense that they are tied to the currently important stages of my own inner journey and convey an inspiring message that I find decisive and important for me at that time to pass on and thus motivate others. Uniform and consistent visual communication is extremely important to me, so the motto is always completed by a clean, eloquent graphic and typographic world, which I dream of following the principles of less, but we are also happy to work with Hungarian designers to design logos for each collection.

- In the life of NON +, the BASIC collection represents permanence. How can BASIC styles enjoy unbroken popularity over the years?

- The most important motto of the NON + philosophy is “less is more”, which is represented by our basic approach to the fashion industry in addition to the style of clothes and the compilation of collections. It draws attention to trying to focus on internal values instead of appearances. Accordingly, representing the main direction of the brand NON + BASIC styles are simple, sleek models that provide a comfortable and stylish feeling in which personality can be most fulfilled instead of striking. We also strive for naturalness in design and material choices, communicating the values of minimalism in the language of clothes, which we specifically design for the long term. Contrary to the cyclicality of the fashion industry, NON + follows the principle of sustainability: we want our models to remain the most popular pieces of our customers' clothing for many years and to choose new styles alongside and not replace existing ones, so it is crucial that BASIC models are made of the highest quality cotton. . In addition to the seasonal collections with a limited number of pieces, the current BASIC models are continuously remanufactured so that they are always available on offer.

- In addition to clothes and accessories, own branded items are now available in the webshop. How did the idea of expanding supply come about?

- In addition to the more frequent, smaller number of clothing collections, we launched the DESIGN + line. These unique accessories and everyday objects represent the “less is more” principle mentioned earlier in both their appearance and function. The beginner collection includes bags, bottles and badges, but the offer is constantly expanding. The idea was inspired by our passion for practical and aesthetic design. From time to time, we want to surprise NON + customers with items that are useful and bring an aesthetic plus to everyday life.

- Also new is the MY + BOX surprise box, how is it different from similar gift boxes available on the market?

- In our monthly MY + BOX surprise box, different domestic design pieces, souvenirs or decorative accessories are added to a small NON + product each time. It's just a little thing we'd love to see. As a devotee of Hungarian design, if I can, I choose a gift from a Hungarian designer. Over the years, I have met a lot of talented Hungarian artists and the MY + BOX gift box series provides a great opportunity to introduce them to NON + customers as well.

- DRESS CODE lines for the B2B sector have recently been launched. Who are these models for?

- THE DRESS CODE We created the sub-brand for our corporate customers, for whom stylish and unified brand communication is important, which in some areas also includes the appearance of uniforms and workwear. The DRESS CODE collection of 50 models includes NON + style models made of cotton, which can be flexibly customized and personalized thanks to their wide range of colors.

- Over the past year, the brand’s focus has shifted strongly to the webshop, how have customers responded to this shift? Is it still possible to buy in person?

- The our webshop, and about two years ago, we decided to consciously put the focus on the webshop by adapting to dynamically changing shopping habits. The result of this decision was to change the opening hours of the Showroom and reallocate our resources. In the Showroom almost all our current models can be tried, here once a week, on Fridays, plus once a month, we are waiting for customers with a three-day weekend opening.  In the webshop, we serve all orders from stock, thanks to which we can work with a significantly shorter delivery time of 2-7 days than before. We see this operating model as more convenient for our customers, as webshop orders arrive much sooner and one day a week is enough for those who want to visit us in person.

- Social responsibility is also important in the life of NON +, say a few words about it!

- We strive for environmentally friendly, sustainable operation, we try to produce as little tailoring waste as possible during production, and we make children's caps and children's clothes from the falling materials, which are always used for different children's hospitals or foundations. we offer it as a donation.