As you probably already know, NON +’s seasonal collections are organized around a motto, a motto from time to time that reflects on some current aspect of the brand’s life. This year's spring-summer collection "Let's go" his motto was already articulated in Saci's mind when he ran into it quite by accident Miklós Kiss on his graphic designer Instagram to the super-vigorous illustration with which the image of the spring collection was finally completed with the birth of the collaboration between the two designers. 

The work of Miklós Kiss we have been following it with great appreciation for many years, and we value its talent, diligence, precision and dedicated professionalism. This is why we are very pleased with this collaboration, because we see that Miklós's visual world is close to the spirit of NON + and Let's go illustration perfectly complements the dynamic character of the spring collection. We talked to Miklós about the daily tip series published on Instagram.

- How did the daily typo series start and what were your plans with the graphics of the series?

- The daily type series is not really a daily type series. The plan was actually to build a larger social media base. I started the series before Christmas, but before that I had already prepared for the thing by starting to hand out my work on Instagram and concluding from the reactions that it was more of interest to my followers than anything else before it. Then, at Christmas, I figured out that I’m going to start showing things on this interface that aren’t explicitly part of a one-on-one project. Because I love playing with letters, so it has become dominant.

- How do you see the role of social media in making a difference as a creator and designer?

“I think it’s very difficult to make a lot of visual noise today without a massive follower base. My goal has always been to be internationally recognized. My social media interfaces are tools this way.

- What platforms do you use?

“The idea of posting on a daily basis is completely average, a lot of people do. In the morning, I unload the work / works selected for that day on four platforms. The Instagram, the Facebook page-emre, a Twitterre and the LinkedIn-re. Of this, Insta is currently developing the fastest. Let’s say at this point I would note that this task is more complex than that, and no one should expect a miracle from just posting.

- What jobs do you post?

- I have to figure out a current message, but I don't have enough time to do that and then I have a logo or a puzzle, an illustration, or an existing work. The messages are sometimes slap simple and testify to my values, and sometimes they are just simple playful curiosities. I'm trying to create a unique profile. I realized that understanding my more complex creations takes time and is not an instagram platform. That is, it is not yet. A larger base is needed to evaluate them as well. I think that in addition to the many influencers and bloggers who are practically often live advertisers, sandwich people, the many collectibles and mood pages that post other people’s creations or often alibi images, and the high media response, celebrities are often completely meaningless profiles anyway. in addition, it is necessary to have unique pages that present content created by creators that work well and perhaps have the effect of influencing the masses culturally to move others towards creation, culture - it is also a kind of education.

- What are you working on?

- I am currently working on the city branding of Kaposvár for 2 years now and hopefully in the next two years it will finally have more serious physical appearances. Also, we just finished a bar in Malta with Bonta Gaspar. In addition, I am currently working on the renewed image of Budapest Central European Fashion Week, which will hopefully be professionally impeccable for the general public.

Miklós's graphics appear on the T-shirts and beach bags of the spring collection and, of course, on the already well-known NON + labels, which are renewed from season to season and hide an inspiring message.