NON +'s spring collection celebrates femininity, the capitalized WOMAN, for which we could hardly have chosen a more apt motto than LA FEMME

"Nowadays, women are very busy - how can we stay women in this fast-paced, accelerating world, how can we put the warmth of home, motherhood, family togetherness, care as our most important essence day by day and really live it in everyday life, to balance and strengthen.Every inner change requires time and self-knowledge.I believe that in order to change and develop, we need to care for ourselves and be good to ourselves the most.It is essential for all of this that we feel good and can shape our lives, so that our circumstances support us, and the clothes we wear emphasize what we want to strengthen within ourselves. " says Kiss Saci, NON + designer about the spring collection.

The motto of spring also refers to the French color scheme of the collection, in which red, royal blue, navy blue, black, white and delicate, soft-falling, soft materials dominate, emphasizing at the same time comfortable, practical and feminine lines, so the motto of the collection is clearly displayed in French inside the clothes on the slogan labels.

The tulip motif, which is one of our oldest motifs and has rich symbolism, also appears in the typography. Her meaning and the message preserved for today conceals much more than a symbol of the female principle: it also carries the meaning of the birth of sun, light, power, and life, as well as a symbol of renewal and the divine eternal cycle. At the same time, the tulip symbol can be interpreted as a crown, which can also be a fairy-tale and kind representation of the ETERNAL WOMAN!

Photo: Kiss Lenke 'Dalocska'

Model: Farkas Laura

Makeup, hair: Sewing Lívia