The summer pieces of the NON + Let’s go collection have also arrived in our showroom and webshop on Andrássy út!

The pieces in the summer collection following a more elegant line were made of decorative striped canvas, and the more comfortable, stylish styles were born from rethinking the most popular BASIC types from our favorite navy blue striped, red and white cotton materials.

The defining styles of the collection are the fan dress made of striped canvas and the fan top with a shorter position. Thanks to the cut line and fine material of the dress, it is a real striking and feminine piece, and at the same time loose, light, comfortable to wear, either on weekdays or on more elegant occasions. The universal fan can also be worn as a top suit and top. The shirt and shirt, also made of striped linen, with its wide cuffs and stylish, baggy sleeves, represents the classic line.

“We really like the striped canvas material from the summer collection as it works just like a decorative casual wear as a casual piece, depending on what accessories we pair with. Thanks to the excellent quality of the material, we can always feel comfortable in it. For those who like the minimal NON + line, we recommend the narrower and wider styles of summer cotton clothes, among which we can find shorter, prettier and longer-standing, more comfortable styles. ” says Kiss Saci, NON + designer.

The summer cotton collection is available in red, white and sailor stripes in our showroom and in our webshop, but the styles can also be ordered individually in the usual black and tabby gray BASIC basic colors.

Miklós Kiss is a graphic artist for the summer collection  created a vibrant Let’s go illustration that appears on t-shirts and the already well-known season-to-season NON + labels that hide an inspiring message.

When preparing the photo material for the collection, Lake Lupa hosted the staff of NON + - thank you again for your cooperation!


Designer: Kiss Sarolta

Photo: Rácmolnár Milan

Model: Örvendi Cintia

Makeup / hair: Ágnes Pataky

Typography - Let's go: Miklós Kiss

Concept: Hoffmann Petra

Location: Lupa lake