THE With new styles from the NON + BASIC collection we are preparing for the days spent at home in the coming weeks! 

The NON + BASIC pieces they always provide comfortable and self-forgetful wear, so they make working at home as comfortable as possible!
Thanks to the natural cotton material of our clothes they provide a soft, embracing feeling, and last but not least, they serve for many years, since they are made of the best quality material, and their timeless style is a "less is more" in the spirit of it never goes out of style.

We have also decided to continue working from home as well as behind the closed door of the NON + Showroom as long as the virus situation makes it necessary so that we can continue to provide webshop shopping for you smoothly.

The NON + Showroom is closed with regard to the coronavirus and we encourage you to stay at home, as minimizing the risk of the virus is our common responsibility, we owe it to each other to try to minimize the risk factor for our fellow human beings!

Photo: Kiss Lenke 'Dalocska'
Model: Farkas Laura
Makeup, hair: Sewing Lívia