On the 5th of each month, we present a special, limited-edition style, which a PRODUCT OF THE MONTH we named it.

FOR THE PRODUCT OF THE MONTH, we always choose an exciting, popular model, which is made in some special color or extra material in a limited number of pieces. THE PRODUCT OF THE MONTH is only available in our webshop this month!

The PRODUCT OF THE MONTH OF APRIL extra, spring version of our popular deep-seated pants! For lovers of deep-seated pants, this is a maximally comfortable style in which you are guaranteed to feel unforgettable!

This model was made of blue jeans for the first time and in view of the great success, in the spirit of spring cheerfulness, it is now returning in a tropical atmosphere to brighten up your day with its colorful flowers! Our patterned denim material is a spring, slightly flexible, high quality material, easy to handle, comfortable and natural.

Designer: Kiss Sarolta

Photo: Kiss Lenke Dalocska
Model: Volkov Patrícia - Visage Models
Makeup: Ágnes Pataky
Hair: Camp Kyra