The latest has been released since April MY + BOX surprise box! The monthly content of our monthly surprise box series is a secret, but it is guaranteed not to disappoint NON + fans! The April MY + BOX can be ordered from our webshop until April 14 and will be delivered at the end of April!

The idea of our surprise box series was given by our passion for Hungarian design. Our goal with this series is to create an opportunity to introduce tasteful and demanding domestic products and small businesses. Every month we put together another special selection for you: in addition to a NON + product, we always choose accessories, gastro-products, beauty surprises or souvenirs that match the style and philosophy of our brand! We put together packages every time that we would be happy to receive or give away as a gift!

In connection with the release of our April surprise box, we will now show you what was included in the March compilation!

From our own collection to the March surprise box our elbow-length t-shirt a royal-blue cotton version has been added, a true super-comfortable and universal base piece, one of the promising favorites in the spring wardrobe!

In addition to our own product, two cosmetic favorites that we have used and especially loved have been added to our surprise box in March, and we are sure that you will love them too! 

A Panarom Tea tree hand cream it is made from extra virgin olive oil, cocoa butter and the perfect marriage of coconut oil, specifically for the rich care of very dry skin. The medicinal lavender essential oil in it gently and effectively soothes the skin, and the tea tree essential oil provides active regeneration and freshness for the hand skin thanks to its active ingredients.

Adrienne Feller is made exclusively from natural, premium quality ingredients Hungarian Bath soaps It was composed of Hungarian thermal water, shea butter, Sicilian olive oil and premium essential oils. Main ingredients: olive oil, shea butter, palm oil (organic farm), wildflower essence, orange essence, cinnamon and clove essential oil. Real van drinking, regenerating, pampering experience for everyday life!

April MY + BOX surprise box it will also contain a lot of exciting surprises, we guarantee this in advance! Don't miss it, order it today, because whether you order it for yourself or surprise a loved one with it, it will surely be a pleasure!