It will be available in our webshop for 2 weeks from today until August 14th MY+ BOX our surprise box!

We believe that everyone loves cool surprises and often doesn’t even need a special occasion to treat yourself or your loved ones with an exciting gift! 

Extra domestic designer pieces will be added to our own product in our August surprise box! You are guaranteed to love it!

As every month, we show you what we hid in the previous month’s surprise box, here’s:

Our surprise box for July featured a brand new, never-before-seen NON + product: this is nothing more than our loose-fitting, sleeveless, sports-backed leotard made of a particularly popular, super-fun and indefatigable, tired pink cotton fabric. We can't even imagine a more comfortable and sleek summer top, and this eye-catching raspberry ice cream color makes it even more irresistible that every July MY + BOX owner will be happy to wear it!

Our huge favorite is Bomo Art Paper Manufactory, where hand - made booklets, diaries and beautiful beautiful paper products have been made for more than 20 years now. In the Bomo Art collection, more and more patterns are constantly appearing, which are made special by the hand-drawn drawings of the graphic artist Éva Hollósi. In our July surprise box in the pink enchantment of the water lily-flamingo notepad we’ve chosen, whose tear-off 72 sheets provide enough space to write down our daily tasks at home or at work.

In addition to our own designed and made paper products, Bomo Art also offers real writing and drawing specialties: a range of inks, pens, pencils, sharpeners and other wonderful supplies. We chose an extra of these next to the notepad: the mechanical pencil with its elegant appearance, it resembles a classic wooden pencil. An extremely fine graphite tip is the perfect choice for those who like to write super-thin. We’re sure everyone got the color that suits them best!

We have a surprise box in August it is still available for two weeks, until August 14, exclusively from our webshop.