The latest is already available in our webshop MY + BOX, the current edition of our monthly surprise box, into which each month We hide selected designer products from domestic designers next to each NON + piece.

 Once again, it's a secret for what this month's gift box hides, but in connection with the new look, we'll reveal what our surprise package from last month contained!

 MY + BOX in December Available from 1 to 14 December from our webshop!

Cement, gravel, water - mixed in the right proportions, resistant material. It is used to make bridges and tunnels, skyscrapers and dams. But concrete is not only the material of huge, robust structures ...

THE RITSKO DESIGN makes small concrete objects: its first collection is BERMUDA, in which we find pots, candle holders, incense holders and other utility and decorative objects. From these, we chose a triangular candle holder for the November surprise box.

With Krisztina Nagy, a MIMIKRI Design Our collaboration with its creator is not new: we first presented his bags in our autumn collection, and then our bracelets were included in our December MY + BOX.

MIMIKRI’s philosophy is based on recycling - we made zerowaste keychains from tailoring leather waste into our surprise box in November this year, which is made really exciting by the “scratched” leather surface. The complete collection of MIMIKRI in its brand new webshop you can get to know me!

The first copies of our popular totebag collection, the red version labeled "with love," debuted in the November Surprise Box.

The new totebag and leather keychain will also be available soon DESIGN + our collection so if you missed the MY + BOX box in November, you can order them from our webshop at any time!

THE December MY + BOX also has some really exciting surprises, guaranteed not to disappoint! We have a surprise box in December can be ordered from our webshop from December 1 to 14 and will be delivered at the end of the month!