She's here December edition of our MY + BOX surprise box! The surprise box can be ordered from our webshop until December 14 and is guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas!

The idea of the surprise box series was brought to life by our passion for Hungarian design and the intention to promote high-quality, demanding domestic products and small businesses. Every month we make another exciting selection, in addition to a NON + product, we choose accessories, gastro-products or beauty surprises that match the style and spirituality of NON + and that we would love to welcome!

In connection with the release of our December surprise box, we will now show you what compilation was included in our previous month's box, take a look!

From our own collection a NON205 round neck short sleeve loose dress, a really comfortable fit in the November surprise box made of black cotton. The dress has a round cut, a loose fit and a short sleeve. Provides a perfectly light, relaxed fit!

Add to the dress this time Zsuzsi Lengyel's super-colored bag tassel we chose. He considers the mission of the Zsuzsi Lengyel brand to protect our Earth. He does this by working with extremely high quality raw materials, each stitch is born at home, with a lot of love and attention. In the name of sustainability, it strives to make full use of the tailoring residue from production, and so is the bag tassel. When we vote for the Zsuzsi Lengyel brand as a customer, we can be sure that we are holding a product that has been born with sustainable fashion in mind.

"Continuous inspiration in design is variability, functionality and, of course, colors. I make my bags for women who like to step out of their comfort zone. They undertake not to remain invisible with the bag I design. - says about the pieces of Zsuzsi's collection.

Our sweet surprise for November is Harlequin Chocolates award-winning Malagasy dark chocolate with lemon salt, which was honored in 2021 with the recognition of the International Great Taste Awards!

For Harlequin Chocolates, they have a passion for making quality and special chocolates and with unquenchable enthusiasm they make and develop every single chocolate bar and candy bar. Consumption of sweets is believed to be a complex experience based on delicacy, but a nice, modern look is also very important. Many ask where the inspirations come from. At Harlequin, a scent, a book a mood, a color, or even a conversation heard on the street they can all contribute to the appearance of a new chocolate creation in the selection, and eventually, with lots and lots of experimentation, the taste and shape are developed, and then one day the product becomes available.

December MY + BOX surprise box will definitely be a pleasant surprise, we guarantee this in advance! Don't miss it, order it today, because whether you order it for yourself or surprise a loved one with it, you will definitely have great success!