We are saying goodbye to winter pretty slowly: we can tell you that this is the last winter of this year MY + BOX surprise box already winking towards spring! Of course, the contents of the surprise box are secret again, so you can order a surprise from our webshop until February 14, and then will be shipped at the end of the month!

The idea for the surprise box series came from our passion for Hungarian design. Our goal with this series was to create an opportunity to introduce tasteful and demanding domestic products and small businesses. Every month, we put together another special selection: in addition to a NON + product, we always choose accessories, gastro-products, beauty surprises or souvenirs that match the style and spirit of NON + and that we would love to welcome!

In connection with the release of our February surprise box, we will now show you what was included in the January selection!

Among our own products, a tabby gray version of our short-sleeved turtleneck is included in the box. This product is not available in this color, so BOX customers have a limited number of specials.

The followers of NON + know that the Malinovka collection is especially close to our hearts among Hungarian brands - its beautiful, refined style and unique illustrations define the character of Judit Szolnoki-Szendrődi's paper brand. About Malinovka 's product range this time a CONN notebooks we’ve chosen that are perfect for casual taking notes, writing, and drawing, but they can also be ideal for a memoir or diary. Their size is slightly larger than A6, they are made in five different colors by hand, with a thread-bound book body. 

Our January surprise box contains a Kaviczky macaron lip balm - perfect protection for the lips in cold winter weather! Inspired by decoration and inspiration MACARON ajakbalzsam an adventure into a world of cheerful colors and glamorous scents. A sweet caress that flexibly softens the lips. Its heavenly scent enchants, inviting you to a journey full of sweet surprises. It optimally hydrates, smoothes the delicate skin of the lips, and regenerates greatly.



February MY + BOX surprise box it will also contain a lot of exciting surprises, we guarantee this in advance! Don't miss it, order it today, because whether you order it for yourself or surprise a loved one with it, it will surely be a pleasure!