Here in February, it means that the arrival of the The latest release in the MY + BOX surprise box series! Of course, the contents of the box are a secret for the time being, but we can tell you that you can expect a lot of exciting and special pieces now, including a NON + product as well as a special, unique piece from another Hungarian designer!

As usual, speaking of the release of MY + BOX in February, we will now show you what we hid in our previous month's box, here it is:

Every year, graphic designer Anna Farkas creates a special calendar called Anaptár. The The calendar much more than a traditionally used calendar. It's smart and beautiful at the same time, as it shows the seasons, months, weeks, days and holidays in addition to the list of days, with prominent solstices, the start of summer and winter time, and even information such as sunrise or moon and earth change in distance. With its unique graphical display of Sun and Moon data, it shows the movement of these celestial bodies in the sky and, thanks to its circular layout, incorporates the vast amount of data used into a spectacular, complex yet easy-to-understand system for anyone.
The Calendar in 2019 won the a’design award silver winner 2019 fee.

In addition to the calendar, one from the NON + BASIC collection gray headband and one from the DESIGN + collection black canvas bag with inscription "less is more"  was put in the January box. 

THE February MY + BOX will also contain really special surprises, guaranteed not to disappoint!