With the new year came the This is the first edition of our MY + BOX surprise box this year! The surprise box can be ordered until January 14th and will be delivered at the end of the month!

The idea of the surprise box series was brought to life by our passion for Hungarian design and the intention to promote high-quality, demanding domestic products and small businesses. Every month we make another exciting selection, in addition to a NON + product, we choose accessories, gastro-products or beauty surprises that match the style and spirituality of NON + and that we would love to welcome!

In connection with the release of our January surprise box, we will now show you what was included in the December compilation!

One of our own products is a super novelty, the MIZU LIFE #dailyplus bottle is in the box. The sleek and lightweight design of the 18/8 stainless steel single-walled bottle allows that it can be hidden in small places on the go, it also fits in a smaller bag. Its convenient screw closure makes it easy to use. The bottle has a NON + character received a + sign and #dailyplus. This simple but telling message suggests a little daily plus - be it clothing, accessories or home furnishings - yes, it adds a lot to our everyday lives tastefully, functionally, lovingly. THE #dailyplus bottle will be available from January DESIGN + our collection in its offer. 

A Mendula Super Fine Granules, Cream Creams and Fruit Slices are made using only the highest quality natural dried fruits and oilseeds in its workshop. Their Christmas seed mix encloses the scents and flavors of Christmas fairs - cinnamon, orange, toasted seeds - in a beautiful box so you can recall it at any time. The Christmas magmix is a super delicious blend of cinnamon-candied almonds, pecans and hazelnuts, and winter fruits: dried apples and candied orange peel. 

A Makers' Market Budapest's latest design fair, where an exciting selection of small series of handicrafts by local artists is presented every month. As you know, Hungarian design is our heart's desire, so we were very pleased to receive this new initiative, the special feature of which is that visitors can meet the creators of the objects in person, as well as take part in exciting workshops in a super atmosphere! Our December MY + BOX box also included a Makers' Market shopping bag with a sample Beke Barbara planned. 

January MY + BOX surprise box it will also contain a lot of exciting surprises, we guarantee this in advance! Don't miss it, order it today, because whether you order it for yourself or surprise a loved one with it, it will surely be a pleasure!