July has arrived, so our current monthly MY + BOX surprise box can be ordered from today!

The content of our MY + BOX surprise box is still a secret this time, but like in previous months, you can expect a lot of special and unique pieces from us!
The MY + BOX surprise box from today from our webshop for two weeks!

Speaking of the release of MY + BOX in July, we will now show you what our box of the previous month contained, here is:

The tap water is delicious! The quality of tap water in Budapest is downright excellent! In addition, it is environmentally friendly to use refilled bottles instead of disposable mineral water plastics. It helps with everyday eco-conscious summer hydration PHIL, the city bottle, at the back of which is a list of the city’s public drinking water wells. Thanks to the flat format of the 500 ml PETG bottle, it fits comfortably in smaller bags as well. The PETG bottle does not contain BPA, i.e. bisphenol, an industrial chemical. 100% degradable material. The bottle is from now on available in our DESIGN + collection!

And if we are already sustainable, we thought we would contribute to the environmentally conscious cocktail / syrup consumption of MY + BOX customers with this clean, reusable stainless steel 4-piece straw set!

Of course, there was also a classic NON + surprise in the MY + BOX in June, none other than one of our favorite summer bases, the NON08 top, which white, black, red, tabby gray and yellow-gray stripes available in our webshop in color variants!

THE July MY + BOX will also contain really special surprises, guaranteed not to disappoint! Our July surprise box can be ordered from our webshop from July 1 to 14!