The latest one arrived on July 1 Our MY+ BOX surprise box! We won't reveal what's in the box in advance either, since that's the essence of the surprise, but we guarantee that we won't disappoint NON+ fans this time either! The July MY+ BOX can be ordered from our webshop until the 14th and will be delivered at the end of the month!

The idea for our surprise box series came from our passion for Hungarian design. Our goal with this series is to create an opportunity to introduce tasteful and demanding domestic products and small businesses. Every month we put together a new special selection for you: next to a NON+ product, we always choose accessories, gastro products, beauty care surprises or souvenirs that match the style and philosophy of our brand! We put together packages every time that we would be happy to receive or give as a gift!

In connection with our July surprise box, we will now show you what was included in the June compilation, here it is:

Among our own products, we have chosen a super pretty and edgy top for the June box: our NON315 half-shoulder top is tight, close-fitting, sporty elegant wear - the front is made of double fabric. In our webshop currently available in black and white.

We have chosen additional beauties for this very cool piece on the one hand We will Art Budapest from the offer of the paper and stationery empire: these beautiful, minimalist, high-quality pens or pencils, the colored versions of which were previously included in the MY+ BOX. In view of the great success, we have now chosen their monochrome version - some packs have pens, while others have pencils, randomly.  

A mechanical pencil is in toll its elegant appearance resembles a classic wooden pencil. The pencil has an extremely fine 0.5 mm graphite tip, perfect for those who like to write super thin. The nib has a 0.5mm black Ohto Refill 175NP cartridge and is refillable. This ultra-slim ballpoint pen looks as great as it writes.

On the other hand, this time from the collection of one of our favorite domestic design brands, Greenway Palo Santo incense wood selected for MY+ BOX. Thanks to its rich essential oil content, this incense wood with an intense, aromatic scent lends a special atmosphere to the space. It has a sweet, strong scent, so it is enough to use it a few times a day. You can easily light it, then blow out the flame and the rising smoke fills the space. 


July MY+ BOX dobozunk will also contain many exciting surprises, we guarantee this in advance! Don't miss out, order it today, because whether you order it for yourself or surprise a loved one with it, it will definitely bring you joy!