Long live the first day of the official summer - we have been looking forward to it! You don’t even have to surprise yourself with a super summer starter NON + gift!
🌞 🌞 🌞 
Of course, the contents of our MY + BOX surprise box are still a secret this time, but like in previous months, you can now expect a lot of special and unique pieces from us! The MY + BOX surprise box from today from our webshop for two weeks!

Speaking of the release of MY + BOX in June, we will now show you what our previous month's box contained, here are:

We smuggled two special pieces of ArtiStamp’s unique seals into the May MY + BOX surprise box. The ArtiStamp Designt He started it in 2013 in Judit Káposztás's graphic workshop in Gödöllő. The seals he designed were first made by hand, then as the number of orders increased, he switched to machine sealing. These lovely little graphics allow you to personalize your favorite stationery, create custom wrapping papers and greeting cards as illustrations for your personal messages.

 Our May surprise box also included our big favorite, the long-strapped cotton bag, which will be available again during the summer. Our cross-strapped bag is an essential part of the NON + sets when you go for a walk, as it fits a lot and everything is natural and practical to wear thanks to its soft cotton material.

The bag is already available in our summer collection tabby gray color!

THE June MY + BOX will also contain really special surprises, guaranteed not to disappoint! Our June surprise box can be ordered from our webshop from June 1st to 14th!