This is June, so as usual, our latest gift box arrives, the MY + BOX surprise package, which is special every month to match the style of NON + we select designer pieces next to each of our own products.This time too, it will be a surprise what the June box hides, but we promise it won’t disappoint!

THE June MY + BOX Speaking of appearance, we show that since we surprised you last month, here are:

Our May surprise box was full of products that support moments spent in a harmonious home in a variety of ways. MY + BOX also has its own product every month - in May, the NON + product was a new NON + DESIGN + object, the yoga brick labeled #dailyplus, accompanied by a white NON17 headband!

Yoga up! :)

THE Greenyway Design we don't have to introduce the brand to the followers of MY + BOX anymore, as their wonderful scented candle was already in the box before, but now another product has been added to our selection! It helps with yoga at home, rest or relaxation MOONSHINE fragrance spray the “The scent of calm moments, a discreet powdery aroma complemented by the soft, warm, woody, seductive aroma of rosewood. Moonshine enchants and gently embraces it. ”

We love it very much Czikkely Panni prints, because they are children at the same time, yet they are very deep, sensitive and touch on important issues in their choice of topic. We chose graphics from him that show the exploration of “self-time” and our inner world that make you think and smile at the same time. It’s a pleasure to look at 1-1 of these postcards because it’s always a reminder that it’s an easy “game of life.” Each box comes with 1 postcard - we’re sure everyone will get the Panni drawing that’s for him personally!

Our June MY + BOX surprise box as usual, it can still be ordered from the NON + webshop in the first two weeks of the month, until June 14!