Latest released on June 1st MY + BOX surprise box! What the current release of our monthly surprise box series hides is not revealed yet, but it is guaranteed not to disappoint NON + fans! The MY + BOX in June can be ordered from our webshop until June 14 and will be delivered at the end of the month!

The idea of our surprise box series was given by our passion for Hungarian design. Our goal with this series is to create an opportunity to introduce tasteful and demanding domestic products and small businesses. Every month we put together another special selection for you: in addition to a NON + product, we always choose accessories, gastro-products, beauty surprises or souvenirs that match the style and philosophy of our brand! We put together packages every time that we would be happy to receive or give away as a gift!

In connection with our June surprise box, we will now show you what was included in the May compilation!

From our own collection to our May package Our NON665 top is a piece made of superb and fine, soft-falling muslin material with a hummingbird pattern. 

To the MY + BOX in May, next to our own piece a DOT for You we chose two products. The DOT for You profile is designed and executed for custom paper products, appointment books, notebooks, notebooks and sketchbooks. They work with creative workshops and printing houses, their goal is to rethink the traditional printing methods and show the greatness of quality handicraft and Hungarian design in a new guise from premium raw materials. The production of DOT for You notebooks is based on local labor and resources, the merit of the work of Hungarian entrepreneurs.

One of the products we have chosen for the package is responsive to the horrors of the war in Ukraine Kyiv poster, the proceeds of which will be donated by DOT for You to the non-profit organization Migration Aid, which will use the donation to help families fleeing the Russo-Ukrainian war.

Next to the poster, we have chosen a hearty postcard for you. Both products are beautiful, hand-embossed, quality paper design products that are simply a pleasure to look at, and we support a good cause with them!

June MY+ BOX dobozunk it will also contain a lot of exciting surprises, we guarantee this in advance! Don't miss it, order it today, because whether you order it for yourself or surprise a loved one with it, it will surely be a pleasure!