Even if Maya misses this year, NON +’s monthly surprise box has arrived today! Of course, the contents of the box are still a secret this time, but like in previous months, you can expect a lot of special and unique pieces! The MY + BOX surprise box from today from our webshop for two weeks!

Speaking of the release of MY + BOX in May, we will now show you what our previous month's box contained, here are:

In the April MY + BOX surprise box a BOMO ART BUDAPEST we chose two pieces from the planetary collection from its super-rich product range.
Bomo Art is committed to keeping alive and promoting the tradition of crafts and handwriting. To this day, bookbinding masters make their diaries, drawing books and photo albums from the highest quality paper and leather materials, which are made unique by the works of graphic artist Éva Hollósi. In addition to home - made paper products, the Bomo accessory collection, collection of assorted special pencils, pens, inks.

THE Bomo Soft soft cover diary an extremely practical booklet that is lightweight due to its binding, but at the same time provides plenty of space for writing. The thin layer of foil on the cover protects the booklet during everyday use, and thanks to the corner rounding, it does not wear and crease in the bag. Bomo Art logs are made from high quality FSC-certified papers, an organization established to ensure the sustainable use of forests. The off-white 85 gram Fedrigoni Bioprima paper can be created on 192 pages. The ink of the pencil, pen and fountain pen is also wonderfully distributed on it. A detailed, hand-drawn planetary pattern appears on the outer cover, and a little curiosity about that graphic is hidden on the inner back cover.

As book lovers, it would be weird not to have a bookmark in the Bomo Art collection! Using the best-selling Bomo samples of all time, There are 20 different patterns available for bookmarks in the brand’s offerings, of which we have chosen for you the planetary booklet. A special surprise is that the back of the bookmark is dedicated to taking notes on our favorite quotes.

From our own collection, we chose a super-cute and universal style for the April surprise box. Our black sleeveless leotard round neckline, tight all the way. Sporty and at the same time maximally feminine wear, in which you can feel comfortable all day long!

THE May MY + BOX will also contain really special surprises, guaranteed not to disappoint! The MY + BOX in May can be ordered from our webshop from May 1 to 14!