The long-awaited March has arrived, and with it the The latest release in the MY + BOX surprise box series! The contents of the box are, of course, a secret for the time being, but as in previous months you can count on all the special and unique pieces!

Speaking of the release of MY + BOX in March, we will now show you what we hid in our previous month's box, here are:

Our big favorites are CUCC paper bags, which, in addition to being super practical, as they are able to absorb a huge amount of small objects, thanks to their clean style, they will find a perfect place in any interior. THE CUCC offers paper bags there are countless different patterned bags, but of course we chose the + pattern for you in the February surprise box. 

A perfect base piece from the NON + collection, the NON49 black short sleeve BASIC jersey was added to the MY + BOX in February, as well as a small addition to our DESIGN + collection, the 2-piece "less is more" badge set

THE March MY + BOX will also contain really special surprises, guaranteed not to disappoint! The March MY + BOX can be ordered from our webshop from March 1 to 15!