With the arrival of March, our latest MY + BOX surprise box has been released, which can be ordered until March 14th from our webshop!

Every month, a special domestic designer piece is added to the MY + BOX box next to a NON + product. Not only is the content of the boxes varied and exciting, but we also have the opportunity to present another talented Hungarian designer every month, whose work we love very much and we would also like to receive as a gift!

Since the essence of the MY + BOX series is precisely the surprise, we never tell in advance what the box that can be ordered in a given month hides, but all we can say is that every time we choose all the pieces that we would be really happy about!

Our March MY + BOX from March 1st to 14th can be ordered from our webshop!

Speaking of the appearance of our March surprise box, we will now show you what was hidden last month's MY + BOX, here it is:

Réka Beck's unique ceramics include custom-designed jewelry, accessories and home furnishings. Among Réka 's works, our favorites are magic pebbles carrying personal messages

Each of our February MY + BOXs included a ceramic gravel from Réka's collection. Each pebble carries a different message, we’re sure every pebble ended up right where that particular concept just hit its target!

Y Our cardigan a universal, super comfortable and stylish style that can be worn instead of a jacket in warmer weather.

Prepared for our more pleasant spring time in our February surprise box, we have chosen this style, in which everyday administration and running are just as convenient as relaxing at home and spending free time.

The cardigan is made of cotton futter material, it is the thickest cotton we work with - it is flexible, durable, color fast, does not fluff and provides especially natural and comfortable wear all day long!

In addition to the above, our February surprise box also includes a gift voucher entitling to a 20% discount, which can be used once when purchasing any number of products in the NON + Showroom.