We waited all winter to finally describe: SPRING HERE !!! And as March came, the latest arrived MY+ BOX-unk too! The monthly content of our monthly surprise box series is a secret, but it is guaranteed not to disappoint NON + fans! The March MY + BOX can be ordered from our webshop until March 14 and will be delivered at the end of the month!

The idea of our surprise box series was given by our passion for Hungarian design. Our goal with this series is to create an opportunity to introduce tasteful and demanding domestic products and small businesses. Every month we put together another special selection for you: in addition to a NON + product, we always choose accessories, gastro-products, beauty surprises or souvenirs that match the style and philosophy of our brand! We put together packages every time that we would be happy to receive or give away as a gift!

With the release of our surprise box in March, we will now show you what was in the February selection!

A turquoise version of our long-sleeved turtleneck was added to the February surprise box from our own collection, the special feature of which is that only MY + BOX customers could get it in this color! 

Already getting ready for spring, we chose the amazing Floral Pagony flower seed packages in the surprise box. In the Flower Pagony, different species dazzle our eyes almost every time of the year. I want to show that there are many, but many more types of flowers than the usual cut flower varieties, and they are all just waiting for us to discover their beauty! Their favorites a Poppy species, the Ammi, a Zinnia, a Cosmos, az Orlaya, they deal with a lot of beauty in their gardening. They plant their flowers with their own hands and nurture them carefully so that they can smuggle sincere joy into everyday life, be it just a table bouquet or a complete wedding flower decoration. Flower seed collections are also selected on the basis of the varieties that can be easily grown at home and in home gardens, thus bringing a lot of joy to the growers of small plants. Packages of flower seeds a Covellin Studio plans.


And if it’s already a flower, we’ve also made a pot alternative for lovers of greens that we can use as a general store anyway. THE Bublab washable paper bags can be used as environmentally friendly gift wrapping, or as a great individual cover for bored / damaged flower pots, as a toy, toilet or even bread container! Products of Ági Bubla kthey came in our surprise box in medium size (12x14x25 cm), gold-black-olive-green-silver-white. Each piece is hand-sewn and can be cleaned by hand or in a gentle program at low temperatures, even in a washing machine. They can be easily creased when moistened, they can be shaped into a unique shape the way you like it that day!

March MY + BOX surprise box it will also contain a lot of exciting surprises, we guarantee this in advance! Don't miss it, order it today, because whether you order it for yourself or surprise a loved one with it, it will surely be a pleasure!