Although we still have a good few sleeps until Christmas, that doesn't mean we can't surprise ourselves or our loved ones "just like that" with a small gift. A great opportunity for this is our monthly MY + BOX gift box, in which you can find favorite gift sets from month to month.

Once again, it's a secret what our monthly gift box hides, but just like every month, we've hidden all the special and unique Hungarian designer pieces in the package!

The MY + BOX is a surprise box from today can be ordered from our webshop for two weeks, until November 14!

Speaking of the release of MY + BOX in November, we now show what our previous month's box contained, here:

For the first time in our October surprise box, the Wandering Studio we chose a beautiful hand-woven bread bag. As a textile designer, Krisztina Vándor mainly deals with the production of home textiles. In his collection beautifully crafted, handmade rugs, rugs, tablecloths, fabrics and wall hangingsin addition to which he also makes special woven materials and textiles for individual orders.

THE two-layer bread bag the exterior is a hand-woven canvas made of a blend of natural cotton and natural linen. The lining of the bag is also special, OEKO-TEX® certified 100% cotton canvas, the dense weaving of which guarantees that no crumbs will stick to it. You can even put your hot, freshly baked baked goods in it, or take it with you to the market and the store instead of a nylon bag!

In addition, we definitely wanted to please the customers of MY + BOX with some special delicacy, this time our choice petramondtasuper delicious cheddar & fig biscuits!
Petramondta awaits gastronomy fans with home-made tasty creams, chutneys, special biscuits and easy-to-make combinations at home. Their products free of flavor enhancers and additives, from selected ingredients, by hand are made.

Unfortunately, as it seems to be needed for even longer, we made our own mask, a black version of which and the accompanying storage bag were hidden as our own branded product in our October box. 
The NON + mask will arrive in our webshop in several colors during November!

THE November MY + BOX also has some really exciting surprises, guaranteed not to disappoint! We have a November surprise box from November 1st to 14th can be ordered from our webshop and will be shipped at the end of the month!