The latest is now available for two weeks MY + BOX surprise box, NON + 's exciting monthly gift box, in which we hide unique domestic diagnostic products next to a NON + piece every month.

Fortunately, every month has some reason to surprise yourself or your loved ones with a lovely gift! For example, if you’re depressed that summer is over and somehow toss up the gloomy fall days, this gift is sure to come in handy! Order it now, garanyou will love it!

As every month, we’re showing you what we’ve hidden in the previous month’s package for the release of our latest surprise box!

September Our MY + BOX was dominated by the color green and its most beautiful shades!

The giant scarf / stole from the NON + collection has been added to the surprise box, which is a popular, practical piece in all seasons, because even if it is a little colder, it wraps around our necks to protect it from unpleasant sizzling, and by the way, it also provides a color therapy experience. This is because blue and green occur in nature, so these wonderful shades of sky and earth reflect naturalness, energy and inner serenity.

Pesto is a great favorite of every kitchen fairy, it is inevitable to be in the household, as it is a real culinary jolly joker: it conjures up mouth-watering specialties from the simplest dishes! That's why Zsófi, the spicy girl fantastic products this is what we chose. All you need is fresh basil, pine nuts, parmesan and olive oil for an instant Italian feel! These are the basics of this garlic-free green pesto. Preservative and additive-free - cover it with boiled dough, try it on toast, you can add it to a sandwich or salad, it all goes very well!

Our green textile bag is an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable shopping bags. Always have one or two pieces in your bag so you can eliminate the production of unnecessary waste paper or plastic from your life when shopping. This time the graphics of Panni Czikkely were placed on the green textile bag. As a result of our recent collaboration, Panni's lovely directness illustrations are appearing in more and more places within the ranks of NON +, most recently on this lovely green bag, for example. We love you :)

October MY + BOX surprise box it can still be ordered from our webshop in the first two weeks of the month, until October 14th.