The latest from our webshop can be ordered until September 14th MY + BOX surprise box!

With the arrival of autumn, the surprise box of MY + BOX, NON +, arrives in September.

Surprise yourself or your loved ones with a real special gift!

As every month, with the release of our latest box, we’re showing you what we hid in the previous month’s package!

The content of our August MY + BOX reflects the mood at the end of the summer and our endless passion for Lake Balaton!

One of the most popular basic pieces from our collection, the long-sleeved t-shirt made of white cotton got in the box. This style can come in handy on cooler evenings at the end of the summer, but it's a jolly joker all year round, as it works perfectly in combination with many of our seasonal or BASIC styles! And for the white t-shirt, we chose exciting surprises for you from a designer at Lake Balaton!

A Muksa design his designer, Zsuzsa Maglóczki, has designed paper products for NON + on several occasions - previously booklets, wrapping papers and a gift box were made with his careful, precise and creative hands. He currently lives and works next to Lake Balaton, so we immediately fell in love with his new booklet collection, from which each box has a different graphic.

"In these booklets, my love for recycled paper and Lake Balaton meets. My cover patterns were inspired by the blue painting techniques and the blue of oriental porcelain. . ”

Tuli-Berke Adrienn Tihana and Tuli Krisztián Balaton graphic artists, a Brandy founders and designers. In addition to their Balaton-themed products, they are the dreamer of heart-shaped bracelets, which use a portion of their revenue to support healthcare professionals. We were very happy to choose this accessory! It is a great thing that so many people have joined their efforts now that they have been able to donate more than half a million forints to the National Ambulance Service!

September MY + BOX surprise box can be ordered from our webshop in the first two weeks of the month, until September 14th!