This year, NON + is celebrating its 10th birthday, on this occasion our jubilee capsule collection was born. This time for the limited collection, which will be published on July 4, this time Judit Szolnoki-Szendrődi, Malinovka brand its founder designed special graphics that will also appear on labels, price tags and a large-scale shopper to complement the collection. We talked to Judit about the collaboration.

Photo: Rácmolnár Milán

- When did Malinovka start and how much has your creative style changed since the start?
- The brand was launched in 2013, under which I design and manufacture paper products: appointment books, sketchbooks, booklets, prints and various paper accessories can be found in the brand's collection. As a result of the experiments of recent years, Malinovka's style has become more and more simplified: the formal, binding solutions and the nature of the graphics are characterized by clearer lines and simpler, more transparent solutions. This is how the principle of less is realized for me. A kind of conceptual design process has developed in recent years: along a given inspiration, not a single piece is created, but a complete collection, the objects of which represent the same approach and strong visual unity.

- What do you like best about your job?
- Constant change, more and more challenges, which provide countless surprises and provide a constant opportunity to learn. I also love the freedom of imperfection, it is ideal for me to set the boundaries and rules of my own professional life.

- How did you balance your life? 
- I keep several things in balance, the plot is constantly running through several strands in my life, I could say that I spin several plates at once over my head. I can best articulate these in the form of perfectly complementary pairs like work and family, city and nature, movement and rest, outdoors and indoors, and fiber and carbs, haha! And indeed, catching the balance is not always easy, but it is very important to ensure that nothing is compromised, which is really important to me.

- What does your day look like, how do you work when inspiration comes?
"Every day is completely different, no two are alike." Running my own brand is a very complex task, I have to think in many different directions at once, which requires a lot of flexibility. In periods of rest, inspiration usually comes, which first begins to work within me and then takes on an object form during a longer process of thinking, planning, and experimentation.

- Tell us about your graphics designed for NON +'s 10-year collection!
“I’m so glad Saci asked me to design the graphics for NON +’s ten-year anniversary collection, mainly because I feel a strong overlap in the mindset and visual world of the two of us. I am also close to Japanese culture, geometric patterns, monochrome colors, and formal refinement. The task was very motivating, I was happy with this challenge. Several ideas were born during the graphic design, but I felt the final one as the strongest from the first minute. I was sure it would work and create a sleek yet characteristic visual solution that we could both perfectly identify with. 

The NON + anniversary capsule collection will arrive on July 4th webshpounkba and the NON + showroom, where we are waiting for our customers for 3 days this weekend, from 4 to 6 July!