Memories of a fantastic dream trip come to life in NON +’s first seasonal fall collection this year, named “AIR”.

“The place that has penetrated my body, soul, thoughts is nothing but GILI AIR - where there are so many shades of blue between Earth and sky, the experience of silence, the soft roar of the ripples, the silent whisper of the wind, and the time its infinite permanence enchants man. At the end of the world, on a tiny island where thoughts are dwarfed, the soul calms down, the heart opens where man just looks, sees, smiles and immerses himself in the universe. This experience was so defining for me a few months ago that I had to hand over this “blueness” and translate it into the language of the clothes. ” says Kiss Saci, NON + designer.

The comfortable, sporty attitude of the whole collection proclaims the importance of an easy and self-forgotten existence, as in this relaxed, liberated state one can find oneself truly, in a state of calm and harmony, beauty and inner silence, something we have always sought . To do this, it is essential that we get out of everyday life and surrender ourselves to the boundless truth of nature, to the ancient knowledge that is there in the air, there in us, within. Inhale, exhale, breathe. The opportunity is in us.

“We left this amazing island with very beautiful and deep inner experiences, so it was a great pleasure for me to have a“ breathtaking ”blue“ AIR ”collection from this experience. I feel that the finished collection has become a very ordinary, natural, light, relaxed and yet for me a collection with really deep content and real experience: translated into the language of fashion and clothes, this is the civilized look of everything I experienced on Gili Air. It was a miracle and will remain a beautiful memory forever. ” says Saci.

The slogan of the collection, placed in a dark blue circle, symbolizes eternity, unity, complexity, perfection, the universe and the sacred woman. The circle as a starting point is the oldest lucky symbol of humanity. It is a symbol of self-rebirth, of infinity, of the natural cycle of the universe.

The 15 models in the mini-collection are made of five different extra materials: a novelty in the NON + range is the soft denim fabric washed in medium tones in blue, the material of the collection's super-comfortable sitting pants and the A-line skirt. Our soft-falling white fabric was made more airy, delicate shirts, and our high-quality, thicker, blue-ecru striped Sagrantino fabric includes medium-thick jackets, sweaters and a skirt. The extra thick, fluffy blue futter inside was chosen as the base material for two soft, embracing, warm autumn sweaters, and of course our well-known, super-comfortable cotton will also appear in the collection up to four dresses.

Styles from the AIR collection are now available at In NON + webshop and they also keep coming to the Showroom, where we are open to visitors from 11:00 to 19:00 this week, open for 3 days from 10 to 12 September.

Designer: Kiss Sarolta
Photo: Kiss Lenke Dalocska
Model: Farkas Laura
Makeup / hair: Ágnes Pataky
Shoes: Footshoop