Spring is a period of renewal and rebirth - the awakening nature inspires another flourishing, to create harmony and to balance the poles that work within us. NON + 's limited edition spring collection carries the BALANCE motto in the spirit of striving for balance and achieving the ideal state of mind.

 To achieve physical and mental balance, we certainly need to experience the extreme poles: good and bad, sweet and bitter, cold and warmth, which holds the opportunity for learning and thus development, until we can ideally create ourselves. for the state of ordinary flow.

“NON +’s spring collection encourages us not to be afraid of ups and downs, to appreciate the tiniest results, to strive for the perfect state, and to find in ourselves what can ensure this every day of our lives. For me, the most perfect symbol of the law of balance, the center of balance, is the circle, which is why I chose the graphic of our spring motto, the center of which symbolizes the state of spiritual harmony. ” says Kiss Saci, NON + designer.

Among the first styles of our limited edition spring collection are the fur tops, vests and sweaters designed for colder, late winter days, and cheerfully tailored plaid and herringbone patterned coats, skirts and dresses for milder spring days. In the case of the latest spring styles, an even more restrained color palette dominates, in shades of gray, black, ecru and navy blue, which, combined with consistent more geometric cut lines, simultaneously represent the elegant, comfortable and sleek spirit of NON +.

The geometric lines and the mesh-like rule system of the checkered fabric is solved by the softness of the fur cotton materials and the playfulness of the styles, thus creating a harmonious balance throughout the collection.

Released in February the first pieces of the spring collection are constantly arriving at the NON + webshop and showroom. The first spring pieces in early April, more colorful styles and patterned textiles follow then in the spirit of spring merriment.

Photo: Kiss Lenke 'Dalocska'
Model: Laura Farkas
Makeup, hair: Agnes Pataky Makeup artist