Today is perhaps the first year of the year when the sun is noticeably different and the mood of the upcoming autumn can be felt subtly in the air. Thus, we could not have better timed the appearance of our latest autumn styles: we present the NON + BASIC EXTRA collection!

The BASIC EXTRA collection features previously known other popular BASIC styles with abstract cut lines in a rethought look, combining the three BASIC colors - tabby gray, dark tabby gray and black.

THE BASIC EXTRA shapes they follow the motto of the BASIC collection with a little extra twist: their overall effect is invariably clear, yet unusual and exciting. The unique color and shape combinations give the little plus that the new models can be the perfect addition to NON + BASIC's wardrobe, our favorite pieces of our wardrobe.

Our BASIC EXTRA styles are already available in our webshop and in the NON + Showroom, where we look forward to seeing you this week on Thursday and Friday, August 27th and 28th!

Photo: Kiss Lenke 'Dalocska'
Model: Farkas Laura
Makeup, hair: Agnes Pataky Makeup artist