NON + has arrived BASIC collection seasonal models to our webshop! 

Following the philosophy of the NON + brand, following the principle of less is more, the BASIC collection offers pieces that are just as they hold their place in a work environment like in moments of leisure - but one thing remains the same: always they provide comfortable and self-forgetful wear.

THE NON + BASIC offer it features sporty, comfortable and sleek base pieces associated with seasonal collections. Unique, consistent style, comfortable and practical clothing is an essential part of the wardrobe of dynamic women living a busy life, creating special sets against the ever-changing trends of fashion, with the possibility of constant renewal in the long run.

Choose your latest favorites Among our BASIC models!

You can also try the new styles of the BASIC collection in person with new, on the opening weekend of our Showroom in Buda, between January 18 and 20!

We are waiting for everyone at the re-opening 3-day party with champagne, delicious snacks and a limited number of mini-collections made for this occasion!


Our address: 1126 Budapest, Dolgos utca 2. 2nd building 1st floor 5.