We are very pleased to present our brand new denim collection of 14 models, with the appearance of which our old dream will come true!

In most of our wardrobes, jeans are just as basic a piece as the most popular cotton styles in our BASIC collection. A NON + In the denim collection, we made previous BASIC models from medium-thickness and toned, super-comfortable denim material, thus giving a completely new, exciting, whimsical effect to the already familiar cutting lines. 

"As a designer, it was an exciting new challenge to create a denim collection, because working with denim raw materials means a completely different production method, in which previous BASIC models have been given a whole new character.
Due to the sporty nature of the denim material perfectly compatible with BASIC line shapesso I had an old desire to try these models out of jeans. The design process provided an opportunity for a new, exciting game with the raw materials and styles in the design world of sleek, sporty elegance - I feel like a special, whimsical collection was born and I hope that our customers will like the new pieces as well. " 
says Kiss Saci, designer of the NON + brand about the new line.

Our denim material medium-thick, slightly flexible, high-quality raw material, washed in medium-toned blue, color fixed and softened. The most perfect denim wear you've ever wanted!
Our jeans collection is already available in our webshop and in the NON + Showroom, where we are waiting for all those interested this week, open for three days, from 12 to 14 November!


Designer: Kiss Sarolta
Photo: Kiss Lenke Dalocska
Model: Farkas Laura
Makeup / hair: Ágnes Pataky