For Christmas this year We made it with 4 kinds of NON + gift packagesin which 1-1 NON + dress next with the motto of the brand in their appearance and function congruent  design pieces can be found - "Less is more" - that is, less is more. Anyone who loves the style of NON + is guaranteed to be very happy with this tasteful and demanding selection! The price of the package includes an extra discount, so it is much more worthwhile than buying the products included in it separately.

Each gift package contains different accessories, which are placed in a gift bag surrounded by tissue paper in a paper box labeled “WITH LOVE” - so you have no choice but to hand over the gift.  with the postcard and wish you a Merry Christmas!

The philosophy of NON + is based on restrained minimalism and practical functionalism. It is in this spirit that we have been making our clothes and accessories for more than ten years. We believe that fewer high-quality objects are worth more for a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle. We have also put together our Christmas gift packages in this spirit - we have chosen universal and popular pieces from our collection that can be worn or used for many years by anyone who receives them and with whom they can experience self-forgotten, comfortable and stylish moments without compromise!