"… Immerse yourself, under your person, and where there is no more, where everything is the same: this is wholeness."

W. S.

This year’s NON + collection was named Fullness, accompanied by a triangular symbol with rich meaning.

A triangle is a symbol of the resolution of opposites, in which two opposing forces are connected in harmony at the third point. The triangle is also a symbol of balance and harmony in this sense: it represents the unity of body, mind and soul. It symbolizes the balance of fundamental forces, and for Plato it is a sign of wisdom.

“I feel like over the last 10 years, the brand has now reached a point where everything has come together in terms of experiences, the learning process and what I have lived. Now, for the first time, I feel like I’m going through a turning point that makes me feel good, calm, and round in all respects - the threads have come together. I strive for completeness every day and I feel this is also reflected in the collections. Today, my every day is more balanced and conscious, and I try to incorporate and pass on this experience through clothes. ” says Sarolta Kiss, NON + designer.

In addition to the black and white contrasts so characteristic of the brand, the autumn collection of NON + also includes the red character.  Cleanliness, an emphasis on inner values instead of an exterior rail, comfort and sporty elegance continued to be key considerations in the design. The use of sportier, sleeker materials, elegant cut lines and more feminine models remain dominant, so “Less is more” eternal motto is still, as always.

For our autumn collection a MIMIKRIDesign We have chosen your bags as accessories, which are exciting not only because of their special design, but also because of their environmentally conscious design approach: each piece is made of recycled leather - coats, trousers - and they look perfectly matched to the style of NON +.



Photo: Kiss Lenke 'Dalocska'

Model: Farkas Laura

Makeup, hair: Agnes Pataky Makeup artist

Bags: MIMIKRIDesign