THE Design Week Budapest We present a special, limited number of capsule collection on the occasion of. THE NON + PINTO capsule collection her styles were inspired by the style of riding clothing in the spirit of restrained female energy. The limited styles Borbála Kiss is a set and costume designer dreamed of the monochrome color world characteristic of NON +, which is why the collection bears the name of the black and white spotted horse breed. We talked to Bori about the appearance of the collection.

- What did you want to be when you were a child and how did you become a visual designer?

- Princess. There was a period when I was a teenager when I wore only a skirt. I even went sledding in a skirt ... Once, for example, I made one of cardboard and string at home tire under my skirt and I went to school in it. Of course, after the first hour — as I sat in the bench — the cardboard rings lost their hold and I had to peel off myself during the break. I didn’t give up on this dream for a long time: so I was preparing to be an actress.

I went to drama department in high school, then I graduated from the Sándor Hevesi Theater in Zalegerszeg as an actor training studio. It was an intense theatrical way of life, varied and exciting. I gained insight into almost every detail of creating a performance. From here I went to Kaposvár to study visual design. Since then, I have been working as a set costume designer.

- How is the visual world of a theatrical production born? How much free hand do you usually get to create?

- First I get acquainted with the text, the director's concept. I pay attention to what impressions I get, how the text touches me, that is, simply put, “what is my personal connection to it”. The historical era, the dramaturgy of the piece, the musical fabric (not just the musical piece) the behavior of the actors starts a rich and intense wave of association in me. I let these images wash away for a few days, moods both awake and asleep. Then I start scribbling. 

I am very grateful to have a free hand from the director. This is, of course, a matter of trust. However, it is natural for me to work with someone for the first time and we do not yet know each other to set up certain frameworks.

- What characterizes your style - whether in fashion design or visual design? How do you see the direction (if any) it has changed in recent years?

“Style is nothing but the order and momentum we bring into our thoughts,” the count says. There is no style without the man who wears the dress. In a theatrical play, the individuality, habits, and desires of a given character determine what he or she wears. It is no different in our daily lives. For my part, perhaps the design attitude could be formulated in such a way that one is primarily interested in man: its complexity, its different layers, and its secret desires. I love when the dress I design has more than one reading.

- What do you like most about your profession?

- The investigation. It may be surprising, but many times I feel like a detective. Before planning, in each case, the threads must be wound up, the causal relationships must be known, the motives must be investigated, and the whole process of the story must be shed light on. It is especially exciting that during the creative process: the director, the playwright, the composer, the choreographer, the lighting designer and the rehearsal process, the actors sometimes seek and articulate the same truth with their own artistic tools. They can be very inspiring encounters during a creative process. 

- Where do you work, where can we see your work?

- The performance entitled Queen of the Snow, directed by Péter Mihály, is currently being prepared at the Griff Puppet Theater in Zalegerszeg, the production processes have started, and the rehearsals have started in the middle of October. Then Debrecen In the co-production of the Csokonai Theater and the Miskolc Wonder Mill Puppet Theater, we are preparing for the premiere of The Little Prince, directed by Artúr Vranyecz.

- Tell us about your collection designed for NON + on the occasion of this year's Design Week. What inspired you and how the collaboration with Saci went

- This is not my first design for NON +, we have worked with Saci before. As I put it then, for me it is a holiday: an uplifting, anticipated, joy-soaked period. The current collection was inspired by riding apparel. What matters is that in a person's life there will sooner or later arrive at a time when the youthful, instinctive, dynamic and free feeling of life will be replaced by a more disciplined, responsible, but at the same time more complex way of life. Every woman lives somewhere wild, unbridled primary energy. But there is nothing more attractive, mysterious, and elegant than when a woman manifests herself by mastering these original energies. If you do it with dignity: it is already art. At the same time, the restraint, the discipline, always strikes somewhat, the certain irresistible force is felt subtly. This elegance is suggested by the collection.

- To what extent is it difficult for you to “adapt” to the refined use and style of NON +? Was that the goal at all when designing the collection?

- The motto of NON + is simplicity, clarity, so of course I tried to fit the collection to the image of NON +, but I would not say that it was particularly difficult. It's more of a playfulness, style exercise volt. And incidentally, the message of the collection was explicitly reinforced by this kind restraintI would add, from a professional point of view, a clean style carries a much higher risk of error, meaning that even a small mistake can be extremely spectacular, however, Saci’s presence was in itself a guarantee of a professional and qualitatively perfect collection.

- What are you working on now, what are your current plans?

- I have theater plans, and several things are maturing in me in connection with them. These goals are fragile, malleable, vulnerable. They say, “Darkness is a time of scents, darkness is a time of vision, darkness is a time of discovery that is clearly not possible.” It is an exciting period of planning, whether it is about life or talking about it professionally. Everything is still possible on the road to realization. 

Photo: Kiss Lenke 'Dalocska'
Model: Farkas Laura
Makeup, hair: Sewing Lívia
Shoe: Vagabond