We spent a real girly day at Silens Studio when photographing the NON + winter collection - beautiful pictures were taken (we can't stand to show them all, but it's not time yet :) we laughed a lot, we had a great day overall! 

The pictures in the winter collection this time were taken by Kiss Lenke, Sister of Saci. By the way, it's not easy to catch a loop for a photo shoot, because most of the year takes pictures on foreign escorts, so we were very lucky to just get there, so the photography was in a real family atmosphere! The styles this time Farkas Laura presents her makeup Ági Pataki made by. 

In our winter collection, beautiful shades of gray and black are on the agenda again, but this time the use of an additional color when designing the collection could not be missed either: Saci's choice fell on dark blue this time. In the restrained, minimalist cut lines, playfulness, variability and comfort come back in places!



Winter styles the autumn Creative Energy collection they follow its spirituality - origami patterns, kimono-like models and tailors made from geometric shapes are counterpointed this time by more curved lines. Winter pieces are also characterized by a harmonious unity of restrained visuals and soothing shades.

The winter pieces will arrive in our webshop and NON + showroom in mid-November, until the release of the winter collection you can buy the autumn styles with a 20% discount up to the limited stock in our webshop and in the showroom.

Visit us and choose your favorites from the autumn collection - we look forward to seeing you!

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