On the occasion of Valentine's Day, we made a special surprise for NON + fans this year as well: 4 pieces with RED mini collection let's celebrate lovers day! Choose your favorites (not just for dating :) from our limited models!

Our RED Collection its pieces are not only unique in their shape - We also chose special materials for our 4 new red models. Our loose coat is soft, embracing, warm of coat material made for our loose vest dress flexible ribbed material we chose. The big favorite of our customers is the turtleneck abstract sweater made of sporty perforated material available in the limited collection and the material of our hooded sweatshirt elegant medium thickness jacquard textile.

With regard to Velentin Day this week we are waiting for you with a three-day opening in the NON + Showroom from 13 to 15 February, where our limited RED styles next to you will find the latest Our PÖTTYÖS collection, the PRODUCT OF THE MONTH, seasonal Our BASIC models, and DESIGN + pieces of our accessory is!


Photo: Kiss Lenke 'Dalocska'
Model: Farkas Laura
Makeup, hair: Agnes Pataky Makeup artist