In our new series, we present showrooms, cafés-restaurants and shops in Budapest, which are our favorites for various reasons. Places where we like to go, from where we like to take home a beautiful object, where we enjoy eating and drinking delicacies and which we think are somehow connected to the spirit of NON +.


The first stop of our series is the one that has existed for more than twenty years Bomo Art Budapest We visited the Castle Garden Bazaar in his shop in Buda. With two stores in the capital and more than a hundred international resellers, Bomo Art is the most important small paper manufactory in the country: in their collection we find diaries, booklets, wrapping papers, postcards, diaries and small paper accessories. by bookbinders. In addition to self-designed and manufactured pieces, Bomo Art stores also feature products from the most renowned international stationery brands.

The atmosphere of the Bomo Art collection is enchanted by the hand-drawn graphics of the illustrator Éva Hollósi. In addition to natural motifs, plants, animals and planets, the designs also feature classic, turn-of-the-century style drawings, while we can see buildings, tile patterns and characteristic scenes from old advertisements on their products.

Quality and long-term thinking are paramount in NON +'s philosophy. We believe that persevering, dedicated and determined work will bear fruit. The founder, professional humility and professionalism of the founder of Bomo Art, Károly Boldizsár, could be taught in schools as an example to follow. This is one of the reasons why we chose this series, because we believe that the example of Bomo can be both an inspiration for small start-ups and an excellent proof that decades of hard work will pay off, and that yes there are great domestic success stories that we can all be proud of! 

Pieces from the Bomo Art collection on the brand's webshop, and in their shops in Buda and Pest are available.

Photo: Kiss Lenke 'Dalocska'
Model: Laura Farkas