We take every opportunity to tell NON + fans how important Hungarian design is to us and how happy we are to work with Hungarian artists. In connection with our latest SHADOW collection, we were able to collaborate with two Hungarian designers: the material of the collection was designed by Viola Balázs, and for the clothes Black Fruzsi has dreamed of a jewelry collection that fits in perfect harmony, we would like to present it to you now!

Fruzsi Fekete graduated from MOME in 2018 as a jewelry designer, his masterpiece, the "Impressions" brooch series examines the relationship and opposite operation of conscious and intuitive moments in the process of creation.

The contingency of intuition and individual movements, as well as the resulting unique and unrepeatable character, have been the defining gestures of Fruzsi's design approach ever since: later. "Leaves" and "Curves" his collections also feature a formative attitude that gives room for randomness, which is at once exciting, playful and very lovable. To feel in the pieces born in this way that they were made with joy and great devotion, which gives the jewelry a special value in addition to the aesthetic quality, so their wearing is even more experiential.

Fruzsi “Mistake on Purpose” brossa since 2020 a It enriches the collection of the Hungarian Museum of Applied Arts.

A Fruzsi Black Jewelry their jewelry fits perfectly with the world of NON + in both their style and sleek design. Fruzsi makes his jewelry with the so-called wax-losing technique: he shapes the base of each piece from wax by hand, so each piece of jewelry will be unique and unrepeatable! THE Pieces designed for the SHADOW collection its special feature, moreover, is that they were made specifically for NON +, and since the procedure is quite time-consuming and meticulous, only 2-3 pieces of each piece of jewelry were born.

In addition to designing his own jewelry collections, Fruzsi has been organizing the most important annual contemporary jewelry event in the capital with his team as a member of the Jewelry Night Group since 2018. as a two-week super program from August 28 to September 12 He presents the works of the world's leading jewelry designers in Budapest.

The title of the international exhibition is IDOL. Its purpose is to build a bridge between past and present. THE Budapest Jewelry Week its important goal is to delight the audience with an exhibition that has never been seen before in Hungary after the difficulties of the last year and a half; at a fingertips, the work of contemporary jewelry designers over the past 40 years is under one roof. So, even if you are a little interested in the world of jewelry, this event cannot be missed: during the two weeks of the series, there will be guided tours in English and Hungarian, as well as online and personal presentations by internationally renowned jewelry designers and curators on contemporary jewelry.