Our new series continues, in which we present our favorite shops, cafes and restaurants in Budapest, where we are particularly welcome and which are in some way related to the spirit of NON +.

This time it opened recently in Vitkovics Mihály Street PaUZa home improvement store we visited where we find environmentally conscious and sustainable home furnishing items, accessories and gifts made from natural materials. 

The story of PaUZa alone is particularly inspiring! It so happened that Évi and Zoli, the founders of the brand, decided to take a big step in 2016: they got rid of their marketing and engineering jobs at that time, packed their backpacks and set off on a trip around the world. "We set out to discover what lies within us. We decided to embark on a backpacking trip before the big restart. It was the biggest adventure of our lives so far. In addition to our different approach to life, it changed and forged us together for a lifetime." - they tell. 

Along the way, it became clear what was really important to them as they would like to be addressed in the future. Returning home, they created the PaUZa webshop, with home accessories inspired by slowed down moments, awareness and more attention in purchasing decisions and mostly made from slow - made, hand - made, eco - friendly ingredients. The webshop was soon followed by the opening of a small downtown store. 


"Our philosophy is quite simple. We love beautiful, simple and functional objects. We believe that a home is really at home if you are able to take a short break, be present and enjoy the simple but beautiful moments of life at any time. Stop the world for you we don't know, but we believe that the objects around you all inspire you to experience simple and beautiful moments " say the founders about the spirituality of PaUZa. 


For us, the story of PaUZa is particularly inspiring, the lesson of which is that it is never too late to redesign, to rethink, what we want to really deal with is what makes us happy. Even with a successful career behind us - in fact, in this case the decision is even more exciting and of course maybe even more courage is needed for the change, but that’s the real challenge! The point is to create balance within ourselves and live in harmony in everyday moments - this is what the story of Évi and Zoli encourages us to do. 


thank you for Pause we wish you hospitality and much success and happiness on the new path!

Photo: Kiss Lenke 'Dalocska'
Laura Farkas